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Moodle Help Guide

New to Moodle?

Students can now self-enroll in a Moodle-based course that explains the basics of Moodle. Click the link below to sign up:

Moodle Basics for Students

Course Visibility and Access

Registration: Moodle access and course registration are not the same thing. Please make sure you are properly registered for a course in my.mtholyoke before trying to access it in Moodle. Once you are registered, however, no action is generally required on your part; your courses should appear as soon as they have been made visible to you. Data from the Registrar's Office updates the Participants list in Moodle several times a day. 

Course Visibility: Courses are created in Moodle roughly one week after the registration period for the upcoming term. When created, they are hidden from students until faculty have made them ready to view. Under usual circumstances, we ask faculty to decide when they wish to make their course visible to you.

Course Access Extensions: In order to comply with copyright law, LITS removes student access to Moodle course sites a few weeks after the completed term's grades are due. Students are welcome to download copies of any materials they would like to keep before that date. Instructors will still be able to access all of their course sites, but some student data will be hidden. Should you need an extension and require continued access to Moodle, please negotiate that with your instructor, who will make that request to the EdTech team. The team is unable to respond to requests from students directly.

Moodle Mobile App

There are multiple Moodle apps out there, so be sure to get the right one. You will need to get the Open LMS app to access our Moodle site via mobile. Please also keep in mind that you cannot access all of Moodle's features via mobile; the app is limited in its functionalities and its accessibility. 

The supported version of the mobile app is called "Open-LMS". We recommend that all mobile users check to make sure they have the correct version installed. Here are up-to-date links for the mobile app:

Support for mobile app use is limited. If a feature is not available in the app, the Ed Tech team suggests you access Moodle from a web browser.

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