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Moodle Help Guide

Course Reserves

LITS can acquire course reserve materials for you, and will work with you to make them available to your students. Please see Placing Course Reserves for instructions on how to request print reserves, electronic reserves, and video reserves / streaming video for your courses. Streaming video will be placed in your Moodle course by LITS staff. You will be contacted when PDF resources and links to electronic resources you have requested will be ready for you to place in your Moodle course. For assistance placing PDFs, URLs, and other sorts of files in your courses, please refer to further pages in this guide.

A Note About Copyright

Ensuring course readings are readily available to all students without being too costly is a prime concern for faculty and for LITS.  However, there are copyright considerations to keep in mind.

In general, fair use arguments can be made when limited amounts of copyrighted material are used for educational purposes, the audience for which is limited to students enrolled in a particular class (by providing access to the materials in a password-protected environment, such as Moodle), and offered in formats that are not susceptible to further copying/downloading.  Providing links to online materials (rather than copying them) is also a safe call because no copies are being made.

Please refer to the LITS Copyright Guide for best practices.

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