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Moodle Help Guide

Guest Access

Moodle’s core function is to serve as an online teaching and learning tool for faculty and students of current Mount Holyoke courses. Course sites contain sensitive content including intellectual property, copyrighted material, and student names, grades and work. The need to keep that content secure and private informs this guest access policy.

Student Auditor Access

The Registrar’s Office approves and manages all auditors of Mount Holyoke College courses. Anyone wishing to audit a course should follow the auditor guidelines and processes of that office. Once approved and enrolled, an auditor will receive a Mount Holyoke guest affiliate account, which will be added to the appropriate Moodle course site to provide individual access.

Guest Speakers, Co-Researchers, Faculty Colleagues, and Others from Outside Mount Holyoke

Unofficial course collaborators from outside Mount Holyoke may not receive full access to a Moodle course site, or an affiliate Mount Holyoke account for this purpose. For faculty who wish to show components of their course site to collaborators, the following options may serve that need, and are supported by the Ed Tech team:

  • Download and share instructor files
  • Download and share syllabus
  • Save Moodle site as a PDF to show organization and content of home page
  • Screenshot and share images of course layout
  • Live “tour” of Moodle site via Zoom
  • Archive course without student data as a Moodle file to import as a new course site in a colleague’s home Moodle environment (note, Moodle may have different settings and versions at different institutions, which would impact an import).

In all instances in which course content is shared, student privacy should be respected. Please consult with the Ed Tech team if you are unsure how best to maintain that privacy in this situation.

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