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Moodle Help Guide

Moodle Access is not Course Registration

Students need to be registered for your course in my.mtholyoke, not only in Moodle.
All students intending to take a course for credit must be registered for the course by the Add deadline.  This is typically 2 weeks after the first day of classes for the term.  (Five College students follow their home school's deadline.) 
Although you may add students to your course before they are officially registered, with the instructions below, please remind them that they must complete their official registration before the deadline.

Adding Course Participants

Most students will be added automatically to your course by regular data updates from my.mtholyoke, but if you need to give a student access before they are registered, you can add students manually: 

  1. Go to your course homepage in Moodle. 
  2. Click on "Participants" in the left side navigation drawer
  3. Above the list of participants, on the right-hand side, click on the Enroll Users button.
  4. Choose the correct role in the "Assign role" drop-down 
    1. Use "Unregistered" for students who have not finished the registration process yet.
    2. Use "TA or Liaison" for TAs
    3. Use "Student Mentor" for a SAW mentor
    4. For a colleague, "Teacher" or "Non-editing Teacher" as appropriate
  5. At the top of the box, enter the participant's surname.  After a moment, a list of suggestions will appear.
  6. Select the name of the correct person. Steps 6 and 7 can be repeated to enroll multiple people, so long as you want to assign them the same role.
  7. Click "Enrol users" when you are done.
Five College users who have never taken a course at Mount Holyoke before may not be visible in MHC Moodle courses until they have logged in to for the first time. The act of logging in will generate a Moodle profile account for them automatically in that case.

If you do not find the student's name when you search (step #6), ask that student to log in to Moodle once and just log back out again, and to let you know when they have completed these steps. Then the student's name will appear in the list with all the others and you can proceed as above.

Students Who Have Dropped

Students who have dropped your course using the Registrar's process can no longer view the course Moodle page, recieve Quickmail, forum notifications, or any announcements that you post. You do not need to remove them from your list of Participants, but if you would prefer to, steps for doing so are below.

  1. In the Navigation panel on the left of your Moodle site, click on "Participants". 
  2. Find a student who has dropped. In the Status column, there will be an orange box that says "Dropped", and to the far right of their row will be an unenroll (trash) icon.
  3. Click the unenroll icon for a student to remove them from the list. 

Participants list with trash icon to far right end of column indicated

You cannot manually remove students from your Moodle site until after they have dropped the course in my.mtholyoke. This is to ensure that students have access to course materials while they may be waiting for approval to take a course. If there are students on your waitlist who you are certain will not make it into the course, please encourage them to drop the course in my.mtholyoke. Please also advise them to do this if they will not take the course and would like to stop receiving announcements and notifications from your course site.

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