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A special note:  Moodle is intended for active courses and is not a good storage vehicle.  For this, as well as copyright reasons, we close student access to courses a few weeks after each semester ends.   Additionally, we only keep older courses on Moodle for faculty re-use for 3 prior years (+ current year). See Access to Old Courses for more information.

Name Recordings

Because  as a community we feel it is important to recognize that names matter, we've added a name recordings page to every course in Moodle so that you can playback a recording of your classmates' preferred pronunciation of their own names.   

If you click on the Name Recordings link you will find in the top section of your course,  

image of what the name recordings link looks like

you will see a list of everyone in your class with a link to play their recording (if they have recorded one).

For more information about the Name Recordings, or for instructions on how to record your own name, you'll find an FAQ and detailed instructions in my.mtholyoke

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