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Moodle Help Guide

Grading Quizzes

Any questions that can be automatically graded by Moodle will be graded when the student submits the quiz. If all of the items in your quiz are able to be automatically graded, then no action is needed from you - the student grades will be automatically transferred to the gradebook.

If you have one or more manually-graded question types in your quiz, use the following steps to assign marks to those questions and give written feedback.

  1. On your quiz's cover page, click on the link that says "Attempts" and lists a number (the number refers to the number of your students who have completed the quiz so far).
  2. Scroll down to the list of student attempts. In the "Grade" column for each student, you will see a link that says "Not Yet Graded". Click on this link to bring up that student's quiz attempt.
  3. For items that need manual grading, you'll see a link that says "Make Comment or Override Mark".  Click on it, and a detail page will open in a new tab.
  4. Enter your comment in the comment box, and the points the student has earned in the "mark" box below.
  5. When you've finished grading the question, click Save.  The tab will close automatically.
  6. When you've finished grading all the questions, click "Finish review"

Once grading is complete for a quiz, the student will see their result in the gradebook.

Additional helpful information on building quizzes can be found here on Building Quizzes.

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