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Moodle Help Guide

Soliciting Student Feedback

Add A Student Feedback Activity

Here's how to add a feedback form to your course:

  1. Go into your course on Moodle and turn editing on.
  2. In the section where you'd like the feedback form to appear, click “Add an Activity or Resource”
  3. In the popup menu, click on "Feedback".
  4. Enter a name for your feedback activity.
    • Optional: Include an explanatory note to students in the "Description" box.  Sample language from the TLI office is included below.
    • Optional: Include a message for students to read after they have submitted the feedback form. Scroll down and enter it under "After Submission" in the "Completion Message" box.
  5. Click "Save and Display."
    Once you have created a feedback activity, you can select a pre-existing template of questions, or write your own. If you would like to write your own questions, follow the steps below. If you would like to use the pre-existing mid-term or end-of-term feedback templates, please scroll down to the next box.
  6. Go to the "Edit Questions" tab
  7. Choose a question type from the "Add question" dropdown.
  8. Enter your question, and fill out the other options as necessary. (By default, your new question will be included at the end of the feedback survey. You can change the order using the "Position" option.)
  9. Click "Save question".
  10. Repeat until you have all your desired questions.
By default, the feedback activity is immediately available to your students. The feedback is anonymous, and will accept a single response per student. You might want to restrict availability—for example, not allowing students to answer until after papers are returned or exams are taken. Instructions for setting up these date restrictions are below.

Using A Feedback Template

The TLI office has worked with the EdTech team to design a template that can be used for mid-term feedback from students. Other templates are also available.

  1. Click on the feedback form
  2. Go to the “Templates” tab.
  3. Under "Use a Template" choose “mid-semester feedback template” from the drop-down list.
  4. Click "Save Changes."

Schedule Opening and Closing Dates for Your Feedback Activity

  1. Turn editing on
  2. Click on "Edit" to the right of the Feedback activity.
  3. Choose "Edit Settings" from the list.
  4. Under "Availability", tick the box next to the from date, the to date, or both.
  5. Enter the dates and times that you'd like to open or close responses to your feedback activity.
  6. Click "Save and return to course".

Sample Language for A Student Feedback Activity

This language is just a sample - please customize the wording to best fit your communication style and your students.

Thank you for taking the time to give me feedback on our work together this semester so far. Your responses will give me a sense of your experience and help me think about the best ways to support your learning during the second half of the semester. Your responses will remain confidential and will not be associated with your name.

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