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Moodle Help Guide

Introduction to Gradescope

When are Gradescope assignments useful?

  • Handwritten work of all kinds: drawing music notes, graphs, chemical structures, or languages using non-roman alphabets are among the examples used at MHC
  • Batch grading for large courses

When is Gradescope probably not worth your time?

  • If you prefer to download and read assignments
  • If you use tools like the track changes feature of Microsoft Word

Add Your Course To Gradescope

  1. Begin in Moodle. Start on the main page of the course you'd like to link to Gradescope. Then, click the Turn editing on button in the top left corner of your screen.

  2. On your course page, click + Add an activity or resource. A dialog box will appear. In the dialog box, select Gradescope and click Add. Name your activity, and click Save and return to course. It's recommended that you have the word "Gradescope" and your course title somewhere in the activity name.

  3. Back on your Moodle course page, click the Gradescope activity link you just created. This will launch Gradescope. Once Gradescope launches, you'll see a dialog box with course-linking options. Choose to link to a new or existing Gradescope course, and then click Link Course to go to the Course Settings page.
    New Gradescope users: At this point, a new Gradescope account will be created for you if you do not already have one associated with your MHC email account.
    Existing Gradescope users: If you already have a Gradescope account under your MHC email, clicking the Gradescope activity link in Moodle will take you to your existing account.

  4. On the Gradescope Course Settings page, you can update the course title, description, rubric types, and score bounds. Keep in mind that course title and description changes made here will only appear in Gradescope, not in Moodle.

  5. When you're finished, click Update Course. Your Gradescope course is now linked to your Moodle course and your students can access it. Now, it's recommended that you sync your Gradescope roster with your Moodle participants list (instructions below).

Sync Your Participants List

  1. Navigate to your Gradescope Course Dashboard. If you just completed the steps in the section above you will already be on the dashboard. If not, log in to Moodle > Click your course > Click the Gradescope activity link in your course. Alternatively, you can log in to and click your course. Both methods will take you to your Gradescope Course Dashboard.

  2. From your Gradescope Course Dashboard, click Roster in the left sidebar to get to your roster page. On your Roster page in Gradescope, click the Sync Moodle Roster button.

  3. By default, Gradescope will email users to say that they've been added to the course. If you don't want users to be notified, uncheck "Let new users know that they were added to the course" in the dialog box.

  4. Click Sync Roster. If students add/drop in Moodle, be sure to re-sync the roster. Existing submissions/grades for dropped students will be preserved. See Gradescope's Adding Students and Staff article for more tips.

Creating Gradescope Assignments

  1. Open your Moodle course. Be sure editing is turned on. Then click the + Add an activity or resource. A dialog box will appear. In the dialog box, select Gradescope and click Add. 

  2. Next, name the activity. It's recommended that you have the word "Gradescope" and the assignment title somewhere in the activity name. Then under Grades, either choose "Points" or "None" as the grading type. It is not recommended that you choose "Scale," because this option does not allow grades to post correctly from Gradescope to Moodle. Click Save and return to course.

  3. Back on your Moodle course page, click the Gradescope assignment activity link you just made. This will launch your Gradescope Course Dashboard.

  4. On your Gradescope Course Dashboard, click an existing Gradescope assignment or click Create Assignment to make a new one. If you're creating a new assignment, next choose the assignment type and settings. See Gradescope's article on creating an assignment for details on assignments and settings. When you've chosen your settings, click Create Assignment.

  5. Expand the left sidebar of your Gradescope assignment and click Settings. Scroll down to the Moodle Assignment section and click Link. When the dialog box appears, select the corresponding Moodle activity from the dropdown. Your Gradescope assignment is now linked to the corresponding column in your Moodle gradebook, and you and your students will see a link to the Gradescope assignment in the course in Moodle. To see what your students will see, check out the Gradescope article on Using Gradescope with Moodle as a Student.

  6. Repeat these steps for each Gradescope assignment you would like to have appear in your Moodle course. Repeating these steps is particularly important for those assignments that need to sync to your Moodle Gradebook.

Grading in Gradescope

  1. Click the Gradescope assignment or course activity link in your course. If you clicked the activity link connected to your Gradescope course, you'll need to click your assignment once your course launches in Gradescope. Alternatively, you can log in to, click your course, and then click your assignment. Both methods will take you to your Gradescope assignment.

  2. With your assignment open in Gradescope, expand the left sidebar (if it isn't already) and click Grade Submissions to start grading.

  3. Once you do that, the process for grading is the same for Moodle and non-Moodle Gradescope users, so check out Gradescope's detailed article on Grading Submissions. Once you've finished grading, see the next section for posting grades so students can see how they did.

Bringing Gradescope Grades into Moodle

  1. Before trying to post grades, make sure you followed the steps in the sections above to sync your roster and link your Gradescope assignment to Moodle.

  2. Then open your graded Gradescope assignment. To do that, log in to Moodle and click the Gradescope activity link in your course, or log in to, click your course, and then click your assignment. If Gradescope is launching from Moodle, you may also need to click your assignment once your course opens in Gradescope.

  3. With your Gradescope assignment open, expand the left sidebar and click Review Grades to take you to the Review Grades page. On the Review Grades page, click the Post Grades to Moodle button. A dialog box will appear explaining how grades will be pushed from Gradescope to Moodle. In the dialog box, click Post Grades. Posting grades to Moodle will post the numerator (student score) and denominator (max possible score) of the student's final assignment scores to the Moodle assignment. Only grades for fully graded submissions (which have a checkmark in the Graded column on the Review Grades page) will be posted.

    If grades aren't posting: Re-sync the roster > Click Post Grades to Moodle again. If that doesn't work, email

  4. If you want students to also see their graded, annotated submissions, question-by-question scores, rubrics, and feedback on Gradescope, click the Publish Grades button.

  5. If you'd like to, click the Compose Email to Students button at the bottom of the Review Grades page in Gradescope to alert students via email that their grades are now visible. To see what your students will see when they view their grades, check out Gradescope's article on Using Gradescope with Moodle as a Student.

Looking for Help?

If you have questions or need help, email You can also cc the Educational Technology team ( so that we can follow along, but Gradescope has a robust help system and will likely get back to you quickly.

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