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Kaltura Help Guide

How Students Use Kaltura

Students are able to both view and create Kaltura content. We anticipate that most of our students will primarily be viewing videos made by their instructors, as placed in the Media Gallery of each Moodle course, and shared as video resources and video quizzes in their Moodle courses. Students may also sometimes be sent to locations in the Kaltura MediaSpace ( Students are able to view media by either logging in to Moodle or to, depending on the sort of content that is shared with them. 

Kaltura also allows students to create, upload, and publish media to their Moodle courses. In many places in Moodle where students can access the text editor, such as when creating a forum post, students have access to the Kaltura Media button, which provides them with the way to embed either existing Kaltura content they have made, or the chance to create and embed new content. 

 The Moodle text editor interface with an arrow pointing to the Kaltura button

Students can use any of the methods mentioned in the Creating and Uploading Videos section of this guide to create their own Kaltura content. 


Kaltura Media Assignment

The Kaltura Media Assignment provides a place for students to upload a video recording to fulfill assignment instructions. If you've been asked to do a Kaltura Media Assignment, you'll see it in your Moodle course with an icon that looks like this: 

Kaltura Media Assignment link with icon of a hand holding a blue box with a play button on it.

Click on the assignment, and then click "Add Media Submission."

Picture of a Kaltura Media Assignment in Moodle with an arrow pointing to "Add media Submission" 

A Kaltura media window will open. If you have not already uploaded the media to Kaltura that you wish to submit, click on "Add new" to add it first. You will be able to access all the means of creating and uploading Kaltura content that are described elsewhere in this Guide. Once you have added the media you want to your Kaltura media, click the "Embed" button to embed it in this assignment.

Kaltura media window with arrow to "add new" for adding media, and arrow to "embed" for embedding media

The Kaltura media window should close, and you will see your media embedded on the assignment page. Click on Submit Media to submit your assignment.

Adding Kaltura Media to Forum Posts, and Other Places You Use the Text Editor

Anywhere you are able to use the text editor in Moodle, such as in Forum posts, the Wiki, etc, you have access to the Kaltura Media button, which looks like a starburst, in the text editor window. This will bring up your Kaltura Media and give you both the chance to add new media in a separate window if you need to, and/or embed media you have uploaded in the content you are working on.

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