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Kaltura Help Guide

Downloading Videos From Kaltura

The easiest way to download content you've created in or uploaded to Kaltura is not through Moodle's My Media tab, but through MediaSpace, our Kaltura web site repository.

First, visit In the upper right corner, click "Guest" and then "Log In." Use your MHC credentials to log in.

Once you're logged in, choose "My Media" from the drop-down menu below your name in the upper-right corner. Scroll to find the media item you'd like to download. Select the small pencil icon next to that video to start editing.

My Media with Edit pencil icon indicated

Once you're there, the preview of the video will have a very small download icon in the upper right of the player.

Kaltura interface download button indicated

Use that button, and save the resulting file to a location on your computer.

Locating Kaltura Capture Files On Your Computer

If you're recording with Kaltura Capture, the files are stored on your computer already! But they can take a little work to find. Follow these directions from our colleagues at the University of Wisconsin to find them!

Sharing Videos With Collaborators

If you would like to grant a collaborator (such as a co-teacher or TA) access to one of your videos, use the following steps:

  1. In My Media, click on the title of the video.
  2. Open the Actions menu.
  3. Choose Edit.
  4. Click to the Collaboration tab.
    Editing interface in My Media, with Collaboration tab and + Add Collaborator button indicated
  5. Click on the "+ Add Collaborator" button to add other teachers who will be using the video.
  6. Start typing their name or email into the box in order to select them.
  7. Choose which permissions you'd like to grant: co-editor is the highest level of permission, co-publisher will allow them to share the video on their course without making changes, and co-viewer will simply allow them to view the video without publishing or making changes.
  8. Click "Add" to finalize your changes.

You can also use the "Change Media Owner" button to completely transfer ownership of the video to someone else.

Sharing Kaltura Media With Specific People

To share your media with select individuals while keeping it otherwise private, you can make another member of the Mount Holyoke community a Co-Viewer. Only individuals that are designated as Co-Viewers will be able to have access to the media. Because each Co-Viewer needs to be named individually, please do not use this method to share a video with an entire class.

To do this, first log in at Then click on "My Media," and find and click on the media item you would like to share.

First, click on the "Actions" drop-down menu. Then. select "Edit."

From there, click on the "Collaborations" tab below the video, and then select "Add Collaborator." Search for the person or people who need to be able to view this video, tick the "Co-Viewer" box, and then click "Add."

Finally, navigate back to the page for this video, and click on the “Share” tab below the media.  Copy the URL (link) provided there, and share it with the person or people who need to be able to view this video.

Sharing Kaltura Media Outside of Mount Holyoke

To share Kaltura media with someone who is outside of Mount Holyoke College, you will need to adjust the settings on this media item so that anyone with the link can view it.

Please note: Changing the settings on a video from Published to Unlisted will remove it from any course Media Galleries that it may have been published to. You may wish to make a copy of a piece of media, and make that copy Unlisted, using these instructions, if you also need that media to be published to a Media Gallery for a particular course.

First, log in at Choose "My Media" from the upper right-hand drop-down menu, and then find and click on the media item you would like to share. When the page for this media item open, click on the “Actions” drop-down menu, and then click on “Publish.”

Choose Unlisted. This will make the video available to anyone with the link, inside or outside of Mount Holyoke College.

Return to the main page for this video. Click on the “Share” tab below the video, and copy the URL (link). The video in question will be viewable to anyone who has that link; share it mindfully!


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