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LITS Faculty Guide: 2020-2021 FIT


Moodle logoSpring courses are created and ready to build! You'll notice additional customizable components in new blank courses, and will notice that Moodle now opens to the Dashboard, for a more cohesive student experience. You can remote any pre-populated components that don't work for you, and click "Site Home" if you prefer the previous home page layout.

LITS and the Academic Planning Group (APG) strongly recommend every fall course use Moodle as the online home for every course to give students a consistent experience across all their courses.

Use Moodle for:

  • Assigning, collecting, and grading assignments
  • Asynchronous discussions with the enhanced discussion board features
  • Course materials including video, audio and text files and links to online material sources
  • Providing links to external tools including synchronous zoom sessions and other external resources
  • Creating and making instructional videos with Kaltura

Moodle Mobile App

The Moodle mobile app offers an alternative way for students to access Moodle content. The app can be used by both students and instructors, but is designed primarily for use by students. Not all Moodle features will work the same way in the mobile app -- see the link below for more information.

Download the app here. When you first start up the app, it will ask you to enter the URL of your Moodle site.  You should enter "".

Help with Moodle

Need help with Moodle? A variety of tools are at your disposal. These include:

MHC Accessibility Barriers Form