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LITS Faculty Guide: 2020-2021 FIT

Facilitating Discussion

To facilitate asynchronous class discussion, adopt:

  • Moodle Forums for discussion questions
  • Google Docs (upload native Google doc, pdf, or Word document) to group annotate and edit a document
  • to annotate web content

To engage in real-time class activity, consider:

Delivering Lectures

Prerecording lectures allow students to access the material according to their own schedule, and can add additional tools to enhance student learning, like transcripts, subtitles, and searching for and repeating portions of the lecture.


  • Mount Holyoke now has a campus license to the video platform Kaltura. Kaltura offers the most robust set of tools for creating video material for your courses. 

Alternative Options:

Collecting Assignments and Sharing Feedback

Asynchronous options:

Synchronous options:

See the Assessment page on this guide for more.

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