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LITS Faculty Guide: 2020-2021 FIT

The VPN: Virtual Private Network

The  Mount Holyoke VPN allows community members to access MHC digital resources as if they are doing so from on campus regardless of where they actually are. A student (or staff or faculty member)  in another country would be able to access otherwise restricted library resources or other tools such as e-mail as if they were on campus and connected to our network.

Some countries, such as China, seek to manage services and information available on the internet. Some of the services that are blocked by some countries include the Google Suite of applications, social media sites, and some major American newspapers and commonly-accessed information sites, like the New York Times and Wikipedia. Tools NOT known to be blocked include our core tools of Moodle, Zoom, Kaltura, and our library databases on the Databases A-Z page.

MHC’s VPN has been a reliable way for users who are abroad to connect to our network and services, , but LITS suggests having a backup plan in case VPN services or access is disrupted. If you or a community member you know is having difficulty connecting to services, please reach out to the

Staying connected with students outside the US

  • Before the first day of class, reach out to your students to make sure they can access your Moodle course site and have access to a computer and internet access.
  • Have a secondary communication option for students in addition to their MHC email: Collect an alternate email address for students, especially those in internet-restricted countries, and be familiar with the Moodle chat or mail tool. 
  • Upload video files to Moodle directly with the Kaltura "My Media" tool instead of links to YouTube or Google Drive videos.
  • Upload other files into Moodle directly, instead of using links to Google Drive files.
  • Direct students to access library databases via the Databases A-Z list on the LITS website to access the proxy login for remote access to library resources. 
  • Direct students in internet restricted countries like China to set up their zoom accounts with their MHC email at, and access sessions with the Meeting ID. 
  • Include evening or early morning hours in office hours and appointment options to make sure students in different time zones have the opportunity to connect with you during daytime hours where they are living. 

Live Drop-In Support with the Educational Technology team

The Educational Technology team holds regular drop-in hours and occasional workshops for MHC instructors seeking support for teaching with WordPress, Kaltura, Moodle or other instructional technology tools; our current calendar is below.

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