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Teaching Remotely: Flexible, Immersive Teaching (FIT)


Kaltura logo Kaltura is a video platform that provides video creation, editing, organization and delivery tools that will be a new tool fully integrated into Moodle. With Kaltura, faculty will be able to 

  • record videos, optionally incorporating PowerPoint slides or other screen sharing
  • edit the video footage, designate chapter markers, automatically generated searchable transcripts
  • organize video content in a personal library
  • post videos to Moodle where students can reliably access them in various locations with varying internet connectivity strengths
  • take advantage of increased storage capacity as compared to Moodle last spring
  • pull in existing video content from saved Zoom recordings or existing YouTube content and post them to students in a secure and reliable environment

Using Kaltura

Setup and implementation for Kaltura is in process now. It will be available from within Moodle by early July, and potentially available via its stand alone web tool (in which videos can be created and stored for later posting into Moodle) earlier. If you want to learn more about how to use Kaltura before then, two short video courses are available from Kaltura:

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