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WordPress Help Guide

Appropriate content

MHC reserves the right to remove content that is inappropriate, that is in direct violation of copyright laws and regulations, that reveals personally identifiable content, or that is deemed harmful or objectionable to any member of the MHC community. WordPress at MHC will comply with the College guidelines on copyright and accessibility. Reports of inappropriate content will be directed to either the Office of Communications or LITS Networking, Systems, & Applications Support.

Accessible Content

  • WordPress site creators are encouraged to review accessibility guidelines developed by Mount Holyoke College.
  • Images: When uploading images to the image gallery, users are encouraged to fill out the alt text fields.
  • WordPress at Mount Holyoke College strives to comply with campus accessibility requirements. All themes provided to users of WordPress at MHC are accessibility-ready, as determined by meeting accessibility requirements. Mount Holyoke College bears no responsibility for content created on individual sites.

Secure Content

WordPress at MHC requires secure content. This means that when embedding content from external sources users will need to use HTTPS for everything. If external services don’t offer media via HTTPS users should create URL links to the content rather than embedding it.

Users that embedded content from HTTP sites during the first year WordPress was available at MHC (2015) may find that some site content does not load correctly. This content should be re-embedded using HTTPS connections, should be removed from the site, or should be linked to via URL.

MHC Accessibility Barriers Form