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WordPress Help Guide

What are Themes?

The theme of your WordPress site determines a number of aspects of the site's look and feel, including such things as colors, fonts, page layout, and menu design and placement. Some themes allow you to customize backgrounds and header images. MHC provides several themes for users of Commons. If you would like to suggest a new theme use this form. 

Use the following resources to learn how to adjust your site's theme.

What are Menus?

Your theme will designate one or more places on the page where a menu appears. Menus allow you to structure your site, and your site readers to navigate from page to page. You can edit the links that appear in your menus from either your Dashboard or the Customize interface. See the links below for more detailed instructions on managing menus.

What are Widgets?

Many themes have one or more areas on the page where widgets appear. Widgets are small, self-contained design elements that contain extra information about your WordPress site. They can be edited from either your Dashboard or the Customize interface.

Because widgets are being phased out of WordPress design, and can cause accessibility problems, we suggest that you remove widgets from your site design whenever possible, by deleting them from the customize interface.

See the links below for more information about widgets:

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