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LITS Faculty Guide: 2020-2021 FIT

Moodle logs and reports

Moodle provides several built-in reporting options that show student access data to your Moodle site.

  • To get a quick snapshot of student activity, view your list of course Participants; you'll be able to see when each student last logged in.
  • To see your reporting tools, please click on the gear icon towards the top right of your course page, and choose "More..."; then scroll down to the Reports section of the course administration page. 
  •  Course participation  allows you to break down student engagement by a particular activity you've added to your course.

  • If you'd like to examine student engagement on a granular level, you can have a look at the Logs, and if you want overall activity, try Activity report for a general sense of all that's been happening in your course.

  • For more information, please check out Use Reports to Track Student Activity in Moodle (UMass).


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