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Geography: Locating Books

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Library Catalog - Search For Books Using The Five College Libraries

The Five College Catalog allows you to request an item from any of the Five College Libraries. When LITSers mention "the catalog," they are referring to the Five College Catalog. You can also search the library catalog to find reference sources such as specialized encyclopedias. Perform a keyword search for your topic in the catalog box and add one of the words below:

  • encyclopedia
  • dictionary
  • handbook
  • guide
  • atlas


 Mount Holyoke College  Five Colleges


For more options, use the Advanced Search

Click on "request item" on another school's book to have it delivered to Mount Holyoke. 


After searching for a book using the Five College Library Catalog, the results page offers a way of virtually browsing the shelves in the stacks. Click the option that says "browse shelf" next to "request item" at the top of the results page. This will give you the option to see similar titles that may also be useful. 

Check Your Knowledge: Reading Call Numbers

What is a call number? 

Call numbers are the group of numbers usually located on the spine of a book that serve as the "address" of the book. Each book in our library has a distinctive call number. Mount Holyoke uses the Library of Congress Classification system, which is different from the Dewey Decimal Classification that is used in public and K-12 libraries. 

Example of call number order:

N66 .B634 1999
NA 9 .A34 2005
NA 20 .G4 2001
NA 100.G411.2001
NA 100 .G47 2008

How to read call number: N66 .B634 1999

  • describes the subject arearead in alphabetical order
  • 66 -  describes the topic: read as a whole number
  • B634- describes the author's last name: read in alphabetical order, then the number as a decimal
  • 1999  - date of publication: read in chronological order

MHC Geography Department Book Collection

The geography department at Mount Holyoke has a large collection of circulating geography books in room 408B in Clapp. You may find many specialized resources there that are not readily available from other sources by accessing this collection. Click this link, which directs you to LibraryThing, an online service to help people catalog their books easily, for a list of books in the collection. To access these materials, go to the department office in room 304 in Clapp to fill out a form to check out these books. 

Where Are The Geography Books?

To browse the stacks for geography books, go to the Library shelves with these Library of Congress classifications:

  • G-GB (geography)
  • GC (oceanography)
  • GE (environment)
  • GF (human ecology)
  • QE (geology)
  • TD (environmental pollution and technology)

To find books on a particular topic, by a specific author or title, search the Library Catalog.

MHC Book Locations

LITS map

Levels 1-7 Williston

Level 1 -  D

Level 2 - E-HD 

Level 2 ½ - X-Folio (extra large)

Level 3 - HE-JZ

Level 4 - JK-NX, Reference

Level 5 - P-PQ3999

Level 6 - PQ 4000- PS 3499

Level 7 - PS 2500- PT

Levels 1-7 Miles-Smith

Level 1 - Cutter

Level 2- A-C

Level 4 - Information Commons, MEWS

Level 6 - Q - S

Level 7- PZ, T-Z

Stevens Music and Dance Library: Pratt Hall

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