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Electronic and Information Technology (EIT) Accessibility Standards and Procedures


Poll Everywhere is a personal response system supported in LITS that is generally accessible to users with disabilities.  Questions about implementation of Poll Everywhere should be directed toward Digital Pedagogy.

Video conferencing

LITS offers Zoom as the primary video conferencing option for the campus community.  Although Zoom is a very advanced video conference system as regards accessibility, some users may still need alternatives to fully participate in Zoom activities. Each meeting organizer or their designee is responsible for providing accommodations for Zoom users with disabilities. See LITS recommendations for Zoom accessibility.

Other Special Course Materials

Other EIT content (such as the use of online textbooks, online platforms, and software in classroom instruction) often require in-depth analysis to determine accessibility.  AccessAbility Services and the Mount Holyoke College Technology Access Committee are available to assist you.


Mount Holyoke uses Moodle themes with known accessible features.  Follow the best practices below to ensure that your Moodle site is accessible.

Please see the Moodle Quick Help Guide for more information on best practices for Moodle accessibility. 

MHC Accessibility Barriers Form