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Chemistry 199 Introduction to Research

Choosing Search Terms

Carefully choosing the terms you use in your database searches will help you find appropriate materials. If you find too many resources in your search or too few, you can probably adjust the terms you are using to get better results. Please make an appointment with a librarian. We can help you refine your search terms to find the materials you need. 

Library Databases for finding primary sources

Databases for finding journal articles and reviews for your research:

Web of Science - ISI Web of Knowledge and Web of Science index the most highly cited journals in many subject areas. This database can be confusing to search-- try this Web of Science Guide from librarians at The University of Maine for more help.  Look for the MHC Get It                            buttons to tell you which things we own (and help you request the others via inter-library loan!)

SciFinderScholar - this database will allow you to search using chemical structures and/or reactions. Please talk to a librarian if you need to use it or login to this page with your MHC credentials for more information. 

Discover Supersearch - this is the search that appears on the LITS home page. It is often a good place to start your research since this search covers the library catalog and a number of the library databases including Academic Search Premier and Web of Science. Searching here can help you structure your search terms and determine whether there is material available on your topic. Please talk to one of the librarians for more help. Also please be aware that this search does NOT cover all of the resources that are available through our library.


How do I get what I found?

For your papers you will need to find documents that will give you background information and "the big picture" about the subjects you are studying.  One of those ways is to search the Library catalog.   

Go here to search among just the books here at MHC  

Or try here to find books in the rest of the Five Colleges

Want a book from one of the libraries on another campus or at the Depository?  Look for this image, and click on it to request that materials be sent to MHC for you:

Requested books arrive in about two business days, and you will get an email when a book you have requested is ready for pickup at the circulation desk here at the MHC main library.   

Material not available in the Five Colleges?

use inter-library loan:

Inter-Library Loan (ILLiad) - our system for requesting books outside of the five colleges. You can use your Mount Holyoke user name and password to login to this system. Requests for inter-library loans can take up to 10 days so plan ahead.

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