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Chemistry 199 Introduction to Research

Use ACS Numerical Parenthetical Style for Citations

ACS Style GuideACS Numeric Parenthetical Style

Journal Article:
1. Bratko, D.; Blanch, H. W. Effect of secondary structure on protein aggregation: a replica exchange simulation study. 
J. Chem. Phys. 2003, 118, 5185-5194.

2. Poirier, B.
 A Conceptual Guide to Thermodynamics; Wiley: Hoboken, 2014;, pp 187.


Proper Use of Sources

Proper Use of Sources Tutorial: Here, you will find information on the different forms of plagiarism, proper scholarly procedure, and links to helpful websites for further information. Always remember that your best resource is your professor so don’t hesitate to consult them to figure out what is and is not appropriate in each case. 

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