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Medieval Studies

Society Publications

Early English Text Society

Reprints early English texts, especially those only available in manuscript. Most of its volumes are in Middle English and Old English. Its goal in a report of the first year of their existence was "on the one hand, to print all that is most valuable of the yet unprinted MSS. in English, and, on the other, to re-edit and reprint all that is most valuable in printed English books, which from their scarcity or price are not within the reach of the student of moderate means."

Several volumes in the MHC library, catalog search keyword Early English Text Society.

Selden Society publications

The Selden Society is devoted to the study of English legal history, and publishes historical records of English law. Since the society's inception, a volume of texts has been published every year.

Keyword search “Seldon Society”, and in print, A Centenary Guide to the Publications of the Selden Society   Z 2016 S44 1987 REF

Bibliographies and Guides

  • Annual Bulletin of Historical Literature
    Journal providing a selective and critical analysis of new historical books, journals and journal articles. Arranged by epoch and area.  ABHL provides a  guide to recent work by established and emerging scholars from around the world.
    Available online from 1997-1 year ago, available in print, past issues available in the 5-College Depository.

Older Bibliographies:

  • Oxford Bibliography of British History:  Z 2018 R28 1959 REF
    Major bibliography in the field of British History.  The volume on the Tudor Period covers 1485-1603.  Very extensive, but latest edition is from 1959. Arranged by subject, ex. Political History, Ecclesiastical History, Military History

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