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Chemistry Research Resources


ChemDraw is the chemical structure drawing program licensed by the MHC Chemistry department. Our license covers personal copies of ChemDraw for your computer. More information about obtaining a personal copy of ChemDraw can be found below.

Getting a Personal Copy of ChemDraw

Under our Mount Holyoke site license, you are entitled to download your own copy of ChemDraw Standard to your personal computer. Follow the instructions at the link below to download a personal copy of ChemDraw. If you don't already have an account with CambridgeSoft, you will be prompted to create one.


Individual users can download the latest version of ChemDraw by creating an account at the PerkinElmer site here:

If you already have a ChemDraw account: use the login button on the site above rather than creating a new account.

Once you have registered and downloaded ChemDraw, the vendor will send you an email with your personal registration code. If you do not receive a registration code within several minutes, please check your spam filters. You will not be able to use ChemDraw until you register the software using this code.

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