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Creative Writing

Chapbooks in the Mount Holyoke Library

Chapbook display in the Mount Holyoke Library's Stimson Room

‚ÄčThe library has a small (but growing) collection of chapbooks located in the Stimson Room on library level 6.  You can stop by and browse through the collection in person or see what chapbooks we have by searching Discover.

In Discover, scroll down to the "Limit your results" section. Select "Five College Libraries Catalog Only" and  Location > Mount Holyoke College Main Library."  Scroll back up to the first search box, enter

chapbook specimens

and use the "Select a field" drop-down menu to select "SU Subject Terms.  Click the Search button to run your search.

Online examples

Some publishers post free, digital versions of their out of print chapbooks online. A few examples: 

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