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Creative Writing

To MFA or not to MFA

Two of the most common career career paths of aspiring American writers are enrolling in an MFA program or navigating the New York City publishing world. Some books and articles debating the merits of each:

Directories of MFA programs:

Tips on applying to MFA programs:

Literary Organizations

Literary organizations support writers by offering a variety resources such as grants, awards, workshops, readings, professional advice, and news. A  sampling: 


Workshops and writing classes offer opportunities to continue honing your craft and meet other members of the writing community. Some relatively local workshops and classes as well as a few online:

You can find additional additional workshops in Literary MarketplacePoets & Writers Magazine (most recent issues in the Main Library's Stimson Room), and on the web.

Residencies and fellowships

Writing residencies are retreats, usually for emerging writers, offering them a place to work on their projects. They can also be an opportunity to network with other members of the writing community. Fellowships are monetary awards that can help pay for a residency or fund other activities related to your writing project and career.

Search for additional residencies and retreats in Poets & Writers' Conferences and Residencies Database.

Journals for professional writers

Offering tips, news, reviews, information about opportunities, etc.

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