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Computer Science

Keep Accessibility In Mind

Does your project involve generating content that will be viewed online?  If yes, it's a very good idea to read up on accessibility concepts and practices.

The field of online accessibility concerns itself with describing ways to make digital content flexible enough to be read by the wide spectrum of users out there, including those who interact with computers using screen readers, magnification software, or alternative input devices beyond the standard mouse or touchpad. Building accessibility into your projects can help you stop yourself from excluding part of your audience simply because they interact with online content in a different way.

Here are some sites you can visit to start incorporating web accessibility into your projects:

Local MHC guide on Web Accessibility (used by the College when developing online material)

WebAIM: Web Accessibility In Mind

e-Textbooks and video courses

Selected Languages

The selected languages below are based on the top-ranked languages across these metrics:

Free Resources for:

Command Line Resources


The resources listed above were chosen because they're freely available, with no need to create an account. There are plenty of additional resources out there, both paid and free. If nothing above suits your needs, try some searching with the name of the programming language you'd like to learn and keywords like "interactive tutorial".

Project Management

Need to organize yourself?  Check out these guides available from other schools with more details.

Golden Gate University - Project Management: Getting Started

Project Management at the Duke University Libraries

UC San Diego - Project Management: Home

And see below for the library materials at MHC (books and ebooks) that can help with project management.

MHC Accessibility Barriers Form