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POLIT/AFCNA 234 Black Metropolis: From MLK to Obama: Social, Music, and Cultural Life

Literary Voices




Public History and Theater


The Way of Life of the Northern Negro, ChicagoWayne Miller photographs of the Black Metropolis during the 1940s at the Mount Holyoke Art Museum. 

Chicago's South Side: The everyday lives of the African-American community in Chicago’s South Side captured by Wayne Miller in a historic photoessay.

DOCUMERICA: John H White was hired for DOCUMERICA to capture the spirit and struggle of the African-American community in Chicago, Illinois in the early 1970s.

Black Archives: Renata Cherlise and Danielle A. Scruggs worked as curator and editor to create multimedia narratives centering Black life in Chicago, sourcing from the Chicago Sun-Times archive from 2017-2018.

Additional Resources

Ebony Archives: digital archive of Ebony Magazine (1950-2000). 

JET Magazine Archives: digital archive of JET Magazines(1950-2005). 

Black World/Negro Digest: digital archive of Negro Digest (1960-1970). 

Queer Bronzeville: history of African American gays and lesbians on Chicago's South Side.

Center for Black Music Research: independent research unit of Columbia College Chicago devoted to documentation, research, preservation, and dissemination of information about the history and current expressions of Black music on a global scale. 

South Side Home Movies Project: five-part initiative to collect, preserve, digitize, exhibit, and research home movies made by residents of Chicago’s South Side neighborhoods that builds an alternative, accessible visual record in existing written and visual histories ensuring that the diverse experiences and perspectives of South Siders will be available to larger audiences and future generations.

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