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Resources for Graduate Instructors

Moodle Resources

A Moodle site will be created for each of your courses and rosters will be created and updated using the information in the Registrar's system. A site will usually be available soon after online undergraduate registration for the new term is closed, e.g. Summer and Fall course sites will be created by the end of April. Logging into Moodle requires an active MHC email account. Here's more information about logging into Mount Holyoke's Moodle site

If you have never used Mount Holyoke's Moodle, you may need to login to Moodle once to set up your account. If you don't see your course site the first time you log in, log out of Moodle and log in again. If that doesn't work, please contact Research & Instructional Support (RIS) by emailing to . 

If you will be using the Moodle Gradebook to give feedback to your students (and to organize your grades for submission to the Registrar via my.mtholyoke), you can set up your grade book based on the grading information in your syllabus. Grades recorded in Moodle Gradebook will be available to your students only when you release/publish them.

(More information about setting up a Moodle Gradebook is available from fellow Moodle-using schools:  Lafayette College and  U. Minnesota. who have each written some useful documentation)

We are currently running Moodle v 3.4. Each page in a Moodle site has a link at the bottom of the page to the most appropriate section of the official documentation for that specific Moodle function. A Google search for your question is likely to yield additional helpful documents and YouTube explanations for most Moodle functions. 

If you have any questions about Moodle, please contact your PaGE program director or Janet Ewing.


Video Conferencing

Mount Holyoke uses Zoom web conferencing for video conferences and online class meetings. Please create a Zoom account using your MHC email address. This account will allow you to host meetings that last up to 40 minutes. Once you have created a Zoom account, you can test it and your internet connection by going to this Zoom Test Room

We suggest you record a short video of yourself on the computer you will use, in the area where you plan to work. View the video to make sure your face is clearly visible to your audience and everything else is working as you would like. Making sure your voice is clear on the tape and your face, particularly your mouth, is clearly visible (not in the shadows) is critical to helping your students understand what you are saying.

A professional Zoom account,  allowing longer meetings and needed for most classes, can be assigned to you once you have a personal account with your MHC email. has excellent documentation on using their webinar system including this section on Getting Started.

Access to my.mtholyoke

my.mtholyoke is the portal to the college Student Information System and other college resources. You will log in with your Mount Holyoke username and password, once your credentials are set.  You should be able to access your class roster and other privileged information about your course through this portal. Grades are submitted to the Registrar's office on this site. The site also contains links to college events and other tools including changing your password.  If you encounter problems accessing your course information, please contact the Registrar's Office or your PaGE program director.  

The Registrar's Office also maintains a set of basic instructions for self-help.



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