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News Sources

Find any article on your topic

Just want to find any news articles on your topic?

Search News Databases

Try the library's subscription news databases found on this research guide: US for American news sources, International for news sources from around the world, and Historic for news sources going back as far as the 19th century.

Search the Web

Most newspapers, magazines, and broadcast companies have a corresponding web site.  This doesn't mean that all of their content is available freely on the Web, however, so consider a Web search for news complimentary to searching the MHC article databases available on this guide.  You may need to look in multiple places to find the information you want.   Some tools for searching news on the web:

Browse a specific publication

If you have a specific newspaper or magazine title that you'd like to browse, use the Five College Libraries Catalog's journal title search to find print or electronic issues.

Library Catalog Quick Search

Omit initial articles (the, an, a, les, des, etc.)
  • Click on "Call numbers and availability" to see the years available
  • Current (within most recent year) journals are kept in the library Reading Room
  • Back issues of journals are located on library level 2 1/2
  • Exceptions: Current literary magazines are kept in the library Stimson Room on Williston 6, music and dance journals (current and back issues) are kept in the Pratt Music Library.

Use the catalog's E-Journal Locator to find electronic issues of newspapers and magazines.

Enter Journal Title
  • The E-Journal Locator can also be used to browse for journal titles by type.  Visit the E-Journal page and select the Category tab.  To find news and general interest titles, select the "Arts and Humanities" category, then the "Current Events & News" or "General and Others" subcategory.

Locate a specific article

If you've found a reference to a specific article that you'd like to get a copy of either in print or electronically, use the Citation Linker to find out if we have the journal issue you need online or in print.

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