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Official and Alternative Government Twitter Feeds

Please note that LITS has not independently vetted the list of alternative newsfeeds.  The list is compiled from media sources that began covering this movement in January 2017.  LITS believes in intellectual freedom, freedom of speech, and open access to government information.  In that spirit, we bring these alternative feeds to your attention and we encourage you to always critically evaluate the information you read.

Agency Official Twitter Feed Alternative Twitter Feed
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) @CDCgov @Alt_CDC
Department of Agriculture (USDA) @USDA @altUSDA
Department of Education @usedgov



Department of State @StateDept @altstatedpt
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) @EPA



Fish and Wildlife Service @USFSW @AltUSFWSRefuge
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) @US_FDA @AltFDA
Forest Service @forestservice @AltUSForestService
Health and Human Services (HHS) @HHSGov @AltHHS



National Institute of Health (NIH) @NIH @AltNIH
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) @NOAA



National Park Service







National Weather Service @NWS @AlternativeNWS
And even more, as the list grows:  
MHC Accessibility Barriers Form