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Trump Presidency: Election, Transition, and Administration

Why This Guide?

The 2016 presidential election was one of the most controversial in modern American history, and President Donald Trump is one of the most unconventional and controversial presidents this country has seen. We in LITS created this guide to provide information, answers, and resources about the many questions we have heard from our community on the election and the current administration. LITS commits to providing ongoing access to reliable, relevant information of importance to our community members.
Because fake news can have real-world consequences & Because there are more than 14,400,000 search results for the 2016 presidential election & Because access equals opportunity.  Libraries Transform, an initiave of the American Library Association.

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Featured Titles Owned within the Five College Collection

Keep up to date with new books that are being published about the 2016 Presidential Election and the Trump Administration.

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