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Moodle Quick Help Guide

Managing files and folders

Balancing Costs And Copyright

Ensuring course readings are readily available to all students without being too costly is a prime concern for faculty and for LITS.  However, there are copyright considerations to keep in mind.  In general, fair use arguments can be made when limited amounts of copyrighted material are used for educational purposes, the audience for which is limited to students enrolled in a particular class (by providing access to the materials in a password-protected environment, such as Moodle), and offered in formats that are not susceptible to further copying/downloading.  Providing links to online materials (rather than copying them) is also a safe call because no copies are being made.  Here are some quick tips for best practices.

Adding Files and Folders in Moodle

Moving Material Between Courses

Choosing a File Already on the Moodle Server

Managing File Upload Sizes

Moving Materials to Another 5C Moodle Server

Creating a Course Backup File

Restoring a Course Backup File to an empty course site

Printing your Course Page (as Syllabus)

Download Course Files

Long Term Course Retention Policy

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