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Moodle Quick Help Guide

Gradebook vs spreadsheets

You have grades to manage. Two popular options are the Moodle gradebook or a spreadsheet. Which one is better for your course? Keep in mind that Moodle cannot automatically submit your grades to my.mtholyoke.

If you would like to do some combination of these things...

  • Have students complete and submit to Moodle work that is easy for a machine to grade (e.g., quiz tool assignments using multiple choice, True/False questions, or matching questions).

  • Grade using mostly points and percentages, particularly if you only assign a letter grade for your final grade, or at midterm and final

  • Have students submit work via the assignment tool, with automated creation in a gradebook for those items

  • Set up Moodle to award participation credit for forum posts

  • Use rubrics within Moodle to make manual grading easier

  • Grade large classes with relatively few items to be graded, most of which can easily be graded by a machine.

  • Keep using the Moodle gradebook when you've been generally happy with it

consider using the Moodle gradebook for at least some of your grading.


If you would like to...

  • Grade many brief assignments: spreadsheets are easier to sort and scroll through than a Moodle gradebook, and can be resized more easily to deal with large numbers of assignments and individual assignment grades

  • Use letter grades for all assignments: Moodle can handle letter grades, but they must correspond to points and will require more setup than a mostly or completely point-based gradebook

  • Continue using a spreadsheet that is already working for you

  • Adjust your overall scheme for awarding a final grade during the semester, or leave much about grading undefined until you've gotten the feel of the course

consider using a spreadsheet.

If your current method of grading is working well for you, consider sticking with it! If you'd like to start doing some of the things that the gradebook is good at, but still do the final calculations in a spreadsheet, you can do so! You can grade some things in the Moodle gradebook but not share them with students, and then do final calculations in a spreadsheet. See the other articles in our Grading section for more help. There are many ways to grade, e
mail the Moodle Help Team for help making a plan that's right for you!

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