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Moodle Quick Help Guide

Assignment activity vs Google Drive

Both the Moodle Assignment Activity and Google Drive can be used to collect, assess, and provide feedback on assignments, however each tool has features that may be better suited for different situations.

If you would like to ....
  • automate/control when assignment is available, window for submissions, number of submissions allowed
  • integrate marking with Moodle's Gradebook
  • have a separate place to accept submissions for each assignment during the semester
use Assignment.

If you would like to ...

  • allow the instructor and/or students to add feedback to a paper or presentation in the actual paper or presentation itself
  • have students upload large quantities of image, video, or other larger file size multimedia 
  • enable students to work collaboratively on a paper or presentation or spread sheet - entirely online, without having to keep uploading or downloading these documents each time a change is made
  • accept submissions for multiple assignments in the same place (folder) over the course of an entire semester

use Google Drive.

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