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Moodle Quick Help Guide

Adding a Twitter feed

Adding a Twitter feed to your course page on Moodle can be helpful as it could be used to provide a running timeline of relevant links, resources and conversations focused on your content area. 

Twitter can be used to i) follow the public account of a person or a group, ii) follow posts related to a trending hashtag or iii) follow posts related to a hashtag relevant to your course, created by you or members of your class.

To set up a Twitter widget:

1. Log on to Twitter (or set up a Twitter account)

2. Go to and click on the "Create New" button

3. This step enables you to choose what kind of tweet you want to display (see example below). In this example, you could have your students use this hashtag (#JaneEyreWithProfLyon) to follow everyone of their posts on the course subject



4. Once you create the widget, you will then see a code generated. "Select All" and "Copy" that code on to your clipboard so that you can paste it into Moodle when you are ready. "Save your changes" on Twitter to successfully create the widget.

5. In Moodle, "turn on" Course Editing. Scroll down to the "add a block" at the left navigation panel. Use the drop down menu to add the HTML block.
6. Find the new HTML Block; click on the "gear icon" and then click on "Configure (new HTML block) block."
7. Under "Block Settings" change the "Block title" to Twitter Feed: Obama (for example). Then click on the "Show more buttons" icon to find the edit "HTML source" button
8. Click on "HTML source" button and "Paste" the code copied from Twitter into this box. remember to click on "Save Changes" at the bottom of the page.
9. The Twitter feed should appear on the Moodle home page in the left navigation. Once you and your students begin using the hashtag, the feed could look similar to the following:

10. Use similar steps to follow a pre-existing hashtag or a group/person linked to a twitter account instead.
Troubleshooting: If further assistance is required, please contact the Moodle Help Team.

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