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LITS Student Guide: 2020-2021

Frequently Asked Questions

If I’m on campus or nearby, will the library be open? 

The library building is currently closed. See our hours page for any updates.

How do I return my library materials?‚Äč

You may return books, CDs, and DVDs via the external book drop at the Main library. Please remember, there is no immediate need to return items this summer. Due dates have been extended through the first week of September, books can be renewed, and students are still welcome and encouraged to bring items back when they return to campus.  See Returning Materials for more information.

I found a book in the library catalog, but I'm not on campus. How do I get it?

If it is a book recommended or required for class, see our course materials page for more information. If it is a book for research, we suggest looking for an ebook or requesting it though ILL

How do I get software I need for my class?

Visit the software page on this guide to see what is available for students.

How do I get access to my course materials?

LITS reviews all required texts listed in my.mtholyoke and provides an ebook version of these resources whenever possible.  Links to these ebooks will be found in your Moodle course. PDFs of articles and streaming video for required course reading and viewing may also be in your Moodle course. See the Course Materials page for more information.

I found an ebook that's only available at one of the Five College libraries. How can I get access to it?

If you need an ebook that is only available through other Five Colleges (Amherst, Hampshire, Smith, or UMass), the best thing to do is to submit an InterLibrary Loan (ILL) request. Our ILL staff will see if we are able to borrow an ebook version from another library. Under current conditions, it is more likely that we will be able to fill requests for specific chapters than entire ebooks. If you only need certain chapters, or certain chapters could meet your need, let us know!

Will Pratt Music Library, The Language Resource Center, or Archives and Special Collections be open?

Pratt Music Library and the LRC are currently closed. Contact the Circulation Desk at for help with finding resources in both locations. For information about Archives and Special Collections, visit their LITS webpage, or email

Who can I contact for help?


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