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Finding Fiction

Looking for recent fiction at the library? Here's how you can find it!

Where is the Fiction Section?

In the system that our library uses to organize books, fiction titles are interspersed with literary criticism and books about language and are organized by country.  We have thousands of books in the language and literature section, making them a bit more difficult to browse then, for example, the fiction section at a book store.  

Usually searching the library catalog is a better way to find what you are looking for.  You can search for a particular title, or use the subject "fiction" and any other words or limits you like to narrow your results. See below for tips!

Language and Literature (including fiction) on the shelves

• PA – Greek language and literature. Latin language and literature
• PB – Modern languages. Celtic languages
• PC – Romanic languages
• PD – Germanic languages. Scandinavian languages
• PE – English language
• PF – West Germanic languages
• PG – Slavic languages and literatures. Baltic languages. Albanian language
• PH – Uralic languages. Basque language
• PJ – Oriental languages and literatures
• PK – Indo-Iranian languages and literatures
• PL – Languages and literatures of Eastern Asia, Africa, Oceania
• PM – Hyperborean, Native American, and artificial languages
• PN – Literature (General)
• PQ – French literature – Italian literature – Spanish literature – Portuguese literature
• PR – English literature
• PS – American literature
• PT – German literature – Dutch literature – Flemish literature since 1830 – Afrikaans literature -Scandinavian literature –Old Norse literature: Old Icelandic and Old Norwegian – Modern Icelandic literature – Faroese literature – Danish literature –Norwegian literature – Swedish literature
• PZ – Children's and juvenile literature

In the library: 

  • Level 5 - P-PQ 3999
  • Level 6 - PQ 4000- PS 3499 * LITS Administrative Office, Faculty Offices, Stimson Room and Room 618 and Training Room 619
  • Level 7 - PS 3500- PT, PZ
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