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ENVST 346, Corson: Overview

Welcome to Library Research

This guide represents an opportunity for you to do exploratory research to help you select a country for your research project. There is a lot to consider and vet before settling on a country. This exercise will prepare to make a selection. 

The next step of tabs will take you on a journey from online databases to monographs in the stacks to online archives that collect materials that may inform the questions for your papers. With a partner, please move to each tab during class and answer the prompts by collecting materials from the stacks, the reference room, and online sources. 

You will have 60 minutes to complete the prompts in each of these tabs and we will reconvene in Library 418 to reflect on the research process collectively. The research process is like a labyrinth; there are many twists and turns! 

Here is a Google Doc that contains the prompts each group will answer; please make a copy of this document to be ready to share with Professor Corson. 





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