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Print Indexes



Browsing book review periodicals

 To view a list of book review periodicals to which the library subscribes, use the library catalog as follows:

  • Visit the library catalog and select “Mount Holyoke” to limit your search to MHC’s holdings.
  • Do a “Subject begins with” search on the terms “books reviews periodicals” (don’t include the quotation marks!).
  • Your search results will take you into the catalog’s subject index.  The result to click on is “Books – Reviews – Periodicals.”  This will pull up a list of 60 book review periodicals.
  • Things to look for: The periodicals you’ll be able to browse are the ones where the “library” column reads “MH Main Library” (FC Depository items are in off-site storage).   For any of these, when you click on “MH Main Library” the record that appears will tell you which dates are available (up to the present is best for new books!) and, if the periodical is available electronically, will include a link to the electronic version.

On the Web

Evaluating Reviews

Questions to ask about the source (print or electronic periodical, web site, etc.) containing the review:

  • Who is the target audience?
  • Is it trying to sell you something?

Questions to ask about the review itself:

  • How long is it? Is it just a paragraph introducing the book or a page or more including some qualitative analysis?
  • Is it objective or biased?
  • Is it signed?
  • If signed, what do you know about the author and her/his credentials?
  • What do you know about the publication in which the review appears?

Further reading on evaluating information:

See the Penn State University's Evaluating Information page for a more detailed guide to evaluating sources, including tips on what to look for in books, periodicals, and web sites.

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