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ENVST 100, Introduction to Environmental Studies: Welcome

Example Sources

Welcome to the Guide!

This guide provides resources to help you research your commodity. 

The first tab includes background resources that will help break your commodity into components to manageably research. 

The second tab identifies databases that guide you towards deeper information about your commodity, how it might be advertised, how it is manufactured and information about disposal or recycling. 

The third tab will help you cite your resources in your paper. 

Class Exercise 1

We are going to practice how to research your components. It's difficult to start researching 'beef;' it is a large topic! By doing some reading about examples of commodities like K-Cups or fast fashion t-shirts, you can begin to narrow the scope of a product and gather search terms that you can use in reference materials and research databases. 

Using sources like The Atlantic, and Modern Farmer, we will learn more about some example commodities. 

You will break into pairs, read one of the four articles, and come up with 4-6 search directions you might use in your research. Some examples include the name of an expert who writes about a commodity, companies who manufacture a commodity, regulations that oversee the disposal of a commodity. Finally, bring one question back to the group you have. 

 Below are the articles for your reference. 

1: "A Brewing Problem" 

2: "The Dirty Truth About Cold Pressed Juice" 

Class Exercise 2

Use some of the search terms you identified in exercise 1 in some of the databases in Tabs 2 and 3. Discuss what you found in your pairs. 

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