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Music 171: Race and the American Musical

Topic Exploration

  • Explore the open web with Google
    • Try advanced Google
    • Google video search for clips
    • Google image search for images

With open web searching: Investigate the source! Drill down to the "about" section. Who is creating and publishing this information? What is the goal of sharing it? Does the author have expertise in this area? 

  • What about Wikipedia?
    • Fine for background/context information, just verify elsewhere when using and citing the information.
    • Can be great for links to articles and other resources.
  • Bibliographies of material you've already read, or content you find.
  • Browse Theater  organizations and information sites like (try The Diversity, Inclusion, and Visibility topics browse)

Primary Evidence

Primary evidence: Books, scores, recordings, videos, reviews..If MHC doesn't have what you need, we can get it for you! We can borrow it from another library or order it for ours. Don't forget the extra material from recordings and scores- mine the liner notes, introductory text, and any accompanying material.

Secondary Literature

Selected Data Sources

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