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FYSEM 110FA: Fashion, Style and Design

Books vs articles

Books and articles can provide you with more in depth information about your topic.  Book-length works may be broader in scope, while articles tend to focus more narrowly on a specific aspect of a topic. Aside from being shorter and more focused, articles are also a good source for the most up-to-date information as they are published more frequently than books. Don't let a book's length deter you, though. Use the table of contents and index to determine which chapters contain the information most relevant to your research and focus on those!


Searching for in-depth analysis of a designer's work? Try doing a catalog subject keyword search on the designer's name to find books about the designer.  You might also try doing an author search on the designer's name to find books that showcase the designer's work.


To find articles on a designer, try searching on the designer's name in one of the databases below. Tip: Most of these databases will allow you to restrict/limit your results to academic journals if you wish to target scholarly analysis of your topic.

News & Reviews

For newer or lesser known designers, you may not be able to find scholarly articles or book-length works analyzing their work. However, you may be able to find reviews of their work in newspapers and magazines. You may also find information about new or evolving styles or design movements in newspapers and magazines.

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