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FYSEM 110ML: U.S. Multiethnic Literatures

Books vs articles

Books and articles can provide you with more in depth information about your topic.  Book-length works may be broader in scope, while articles tend to focus more narrowly on a specific aspect of a topic. Aside from being shorter and more focused, articles are also a good source for the most up-to-date information as they are published more frequently than books.  Don't let books' length scare you away, though! Sometimes you'll find a book that contains a chapter or two on the topic you're researching and that's all you'll need to read. Using a book's table of contents and/or index can help you target the parts that are most relevant to your research.



See the English Research Guide, especially the Tools For Finding Secondary Sources page, for databases that are useful for literature research.

Locating print books & periodicals

See LITS Floor map and stack locations page for a Stacks Directory listing the call numbers and other materials that are found on each floor and floor maps that will help you navigate the library building.

If you prefer a more visual guide, these short videos show how to locate books and print periodicals in the main library building:

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