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FYSEM 110: Late Victorian London (Fitz-Gibbons)

Why Articles?

Articles can be found in publications called magazines, journals, periodicals, newspapers and other publications.

These often can be referred to as serials and have a set, regular publishing schedule e.g. daily, weekly, monthly annually, etc.

Articles are good sources for:

  • Most recent research or information on a topic
  • coverage of a very narrow topic
  • coverage of current events
  • contemporary accounts of past events and research

Searching for Articles -- Scholarly and Primary

Covers the history of the world (excluding the United States and Canada), focusing on the 15th century forward.

Locating full text from within a database


Clicking the MHC Get It button for an article will help you locate the full text.

  • available online: click direct link
  • availble in print: follow link to search catalog, click "call numbers and availability for years available.  Humanities journals: Williston floor 2 1/2, Science journals: Miles-Smith floor 2. 
  • not available at MHC: click "request via Illiad" to have it delivered electronically


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