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Chinese Guide

On Campus Language & Culture Information

Language Tables

Language tables are informal weekly meetings over lunch or dinner where students can practice speaking in the target language in a casual context with their language assistant(s) and faculty members. They normally take place in the Dining Commons or via Zoom. To check language table timings, you can contact your Language Department or the Language Assistant program website.


Q & A Mentors

Most languages taught at MHC have mentors who offer weekly Language Q&A sessions in the LCC or via Zoom. During Q&A sessions students can drop by to ask questions or review aspects of the target language, such as grammatical concepts, pronunciation, or sentence structure. Faculty also encourage students to attend Q&A sessions to practice presentations, prepare for oral exams, or just practice casually conversing in the language.

To learn more about your Language Q&A mentor and times, you can contact your Language Department or check on the Language Mentor Q&A website.


Language Learning Communities

The Language Living-Learning Community is a residential option designed to foster community among students who seek to improve their language skills and explore culture through events and activities. There are several options and in particular, the following are geared towards language and culture learners.

  • Language Communities: is a community of students that promotes a supportive and congenial environment of language immersion for its residents by providing access to language assistants, faculty, and staff who facilitate programs and activities that enhance students’ linguistic and cultural competence in their target language in order for them to thrive in a global society.
  • Mi Gente:  is a community that is designed to support students who are of Latina/x descent, identify within the Latin American Diaspora, and/or wish to foster connections between different cultures within the diaspora. Mi Gente community residents are committed to developing a safe, supportive and celebratory environment with particular regard to those complexities of being a student of Latina/x descent at a predominantly white institution.

On Campus Cultural Centers

Cultural Centers at Mount Holyoke operate with the purposes of support, education, networking and sanctuary. They host programming and provide resources to increase cultural awareness and inter-connectedness. There are currently 6 cultural centers on campus which work with affiliated student organizations to offer support a diverse set of identities.

To check out the resources and support these centers may be able to provide you with, consider attending one of their open houses or events.

Directory of Student Organizations

In addition to academic offerings and support, there are various student organizations on campus that strive to promote language acquisition and expose students to a variety of cultures.

Directory of Student Organizations: This is a complete list of all Recognized Student Organizations for the academic year. Individual organization websites may not be up to date as they are linked as available and up to the student organization to update.

Cultural & ethnic groups provide a way for students to connect with those of similar backgrounds while also sharing their cultural heritage with the larger Mount Holyoke community through numerous events held on campus each semester.

If you are having trouble finding information on a specific organization, you may also wish to contact the Office of Student Involvement.

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