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Resources for Thesis Students

What is the Student Theses and Honors Collection?

The MHC Institutional Digital Archive includes a Student Theses collection for the purpose of preserving student scholarship at MHC.  According to  Faculty Legislation, thesis students are required to submit a copy of their completed thesis to the repository.  You can engage with this collection at the start and completion of your thesis journey: looking at past student theses to get an idea of what a completed thesis looks like, then eventually adding your own work to the collection.

How to search the collection

Interested in seeing examples of past theses by MHC students?

How to submit your thesis

You've completed your thesis - congratulations! This marks a milestone in your journey as an MHC student: you've developed expertise in an area and are now poised to become an alum and move on to further study or starting a career. Submitting your thesis to the depository is a way of marking this moment as well as publishing and preserving your work so others can benefit from your contribution to the scholarly conversation on your topic. Research Services can help you through the process of understanding the license agreement, access options, and the logistics of uploading your thesis and any related materials.

  • Theses and honors work This page provides a starting point for students who need to submit their theses or honors work to LITS. You can also find helpful links to formatting tips, where to get tech help and other resources to make the submission process easy.
  • The Submitting Your Thesis to LITS video below demonstrates how to upload your thesis to the MHC Student Theses collection:
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