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Google Sites Help Guide

Getting Started with Google Sites

Watch the video below for a quick tour of Google Sites.

  • Visit and sign in with your email address.
    • Choose a template option if you would like to create a brand new site.
    • Sites you have worked on in the past will be listed below.
  • Once you have selected a site to work on, click on text or other page elements to edit.
  • Use the right sidebar to add more elements, or organize pages, or change your theme.
  • Use the menu in the upper toolbar to review/undo, preview, share with others, edit settings, or publish your site. Your site will not be visible  on the web until you publish it.

This page in the Google Help Center has more information on building your Google Site:

How to use Google Sites - Sites Help


For more advice on creating a web page, see our Bite-sized design video playlist below.

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