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ENGL-202-01: Intro to Journalism


During this course you'll be watching several films that dramatize actual events.  You may already know about the events and people involved, but if you don't it's helpful to do a little background research to familiarize yourself with these things to improve you're understanding of the films. This page offers some resources for doing so quickly.

Finding Reviews

Reviews are a good source of information about a film. Most often you'll find these in periodicals like newspapers and magazines.

Search tips:

  • Include both the title of the film and the director's name in your search. This will ensure that you find reviews of the exact film you're interested in, not reviews of another film with the same title or of a book with the same title. Not sure who the director is? You can quickly look this up using the Internet Movie Database (IMDb).
  • Use the databases' filters/limiters to limit your results to reviews or include the term review in your search.

Reference Works for Background Information

Reference works can help you find out more about the people and events depicted in a film.

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