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FYSEM 110UN: Underworlds (and Otherworlds)

Why background information?

Encyclopedias, dictionaries, and other reference works can help you to discover basic information about a topic - names, dates, definitions, summaries, related terms that describe it, etc.  These are good places to start when beginning research on an unfamiliar subject and when choosing a paper topic.

Selected reference works

English language dictionaries

General encyclopedia

Searchable collection of reference works (general and subject-specific)

Dictionaries of literary terms

Example of a reputable, free online reference work

Author biographies

Interested in learning more about the authors whose works you're studying in this course? These reference works can help:

Other subjects

Visit the library's Research Guides site and use the By Subject link to browse all of the guides by subject area.  Most guides have a Background Info tab/section that includes a list of specialized reference resources, print and electronic, that are useful for looking up terms, concepts, and finding basic information for that subject area.

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