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Computer Science

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Word cloud, with the following words most prominent: 31	Data, programming, Social, processing, Java, systems, science, algorithms, History, Digital, Python, structures, civilization, Programming, computer, programs, Information, networks, Women, Object-oriented, languages, Internet, security, mining, data

The word cloud above is a visualization of the most common topics covered in computer science books checked out of our library! Use the other boxes on this page to search for and find books in our collection.

Books that deal primarily with computer science have call numbers beginning with QA. These can be found on level 6, in the North (Miles-Smith) stacks as of Spring 2020.

Have a look at the box on this page titled "Reading call numbers" for more about how to decode a call number and find a book in the library!

Discover - search for books at MHC and Five College libraries

Discover allows you to search the physical and electronic books held by Mount Holyoke's and all of the Five College libraries.

Google Books- search and access SOME book full text online

Use the "find in a library" link to discover if MHC owns a book

Google Book Search

Worldcat - Search beyond the Five Colleges

Search beyond the Five Colleges to find additional books on your topic.

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